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Something beautiful to look at, pleasing to the eye-something to arouse the soul and make you sigh...

Here I hope you find some interesting tid bits...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ... ...something to stimulate your mind and please your eye.
I collect frogs, not live frogs (: but all things 'frogs'.  I did have to ask family and friends not to get me anymore 'stuffed frogs' because I just don't have the room for them.
But I do have a large curio display cabinet where I keep my hundred's of frogs, and a couple of turtles.

I do tend to the frog's and toad's in my yard, and even the lizzards and Salamander's. If they are in danger I transport them to various toad abodes that I have made and put them safely out of harms way. If they have accidently hopped into Molly's pool I take them out and put them in a safe place.

They hang out at my garden pond and sing their happy songs and that makes me smile. 

So my friends stay tuned and don't forget to "Pay It Forward"!

Feel free to leave me a note and follow if you'd like, the more the merrier.



BanjoBaySoaps said...

Looking FAB!!!!
keep up your amazing...amazing-ness!!!
yay!!! love it.
em at Banjo Bay Soaps/Banjo Bay Art Studio
(VA in da HizzzOUSE) teehee.
OH! love the hummingbird photo!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Very nice blog!!! Thanks for interviewing me.

Mary Ann said...

great blog,love all your frogs,but I'm a collector of elephants(not real ones!!!)love them to pieces.

michelle said...

I saw your blog on ETSY today and I was wondering if you still need new artists to interview. I am a relatively new seller. My page name is koffee koosie and my name is Michelle Weber :)

Jodie - Allure Creations said...

So many great interviews! I hope you still have some room left! I love frogs too - found this frog lamp today:

Anonymous said...


Would you be looking for more artisan to interview? If yes, please check out my shop on ETSY -

Thanks a lot!

jeanne lindner said...

I am interested in doing an interview if you still have space and time available. I have a good sense of humor and am multi-talented. Looking forward to talking with you. Jeanne

Alona Milton said...

As a fairly new jewelry artisan on ETSY, I would love to do an interview. I could really use the exposure as there are so many talented artisans already on ETSY and I am finding it is not so easy to get noticed. I am passionate about my jewelry designs and really want to make a go of my business! Thanks, Alona

BG said...

Hello everyone! First of all there seems to be a problem for some of you to find the interview questions, if you look to the right of the hummingbird, you will see the page link.
I will do my best to get to ALL OF YOU, I will take these interviews into the fall and winter if I have to so it just might take some time but be patient.
Be sure to follow the directions because if the interview is complete and the photos are at least 200x150 so that I don't have to resize then I can get them all put together quicker. Incomplete interviews will have to go the the back of the schedule until I find time to fix what may be wrong or contact you for more needed info. DON'T forget 'photo credits' as I must attribute them to the person who took the photo be it of your items or you.
♥ to all Bettie (:

Penny said...

I love frogs! they are everywhere in my home I lost count on how many I have. But I can't resist, when I see one I have to buy it. My sister gets me one or more for Christmas every year. My best friend had a necklace made for me for my 50th b-day with a piece of sea-glass I had found on vacation with a silver frog on the side. So beautiful.

beautywatcher said...

very cheery blog! what a good idea to honor the frog. I have always thought he was good luck.

paintingpam said...

I would love an interview. I'm bookmarking this page, following you and will respond on the etsy site.

Karen said...

Your blog looks fabulous! I look forward to reading your interviews on "Artisans Examiner".

Informal Elegance said...

P.s. Love your hummingbird photograph:)