Tid Bits

Those Cardinals you see on my header page; they were courting and the male was feeding the female on my patio, it was so cute that I couldn't resist snapping their photo which it appears may have had them saying "get lost would you, this is a private affair!" from the way they were looking at me.  how rude of me...

And no that isn't poo on the patio there behind the female. (:

I am contemplating getting back into the Artisan interviews if I see that the Examiner is working adequately again. I quit doing artisan interviews because the Examiner site was not real user friendly for us writers. It was always experiencing crashes and other annoying bugs. I would work on an article for two hours only to lose the entire piece due to a bug or hiccup in the system.

Then there were the nice folks that I interviewed who were somewhat forgetful once they got their article published. The article page set up is like the Etsy faves and clicks. It's all about promoting the site by subscribing to the writers article page, then commenting which is equal to faving and clicking our Etsy events. With this however you don't have anything to buy, you are only asked to subscribe once then come and leave comments for those who are featured each time and ask family and friends to do the same. It's all about the exposure, the more my articles are promoted the bigger the audience because I am on the Examiner's National page, not just a local page. So, the articles are seen world wide, but without the support for the articles the story gets less recognition.

I'm going to chew on this for awhile. If any of you are interested please let me know and if I can get enough interest that might encourage me to give it another try.

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