Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Friday, September 13, 2013

R.I.P. Molly B

I sadly tell you that I lost one of my pack over the Labor Day weekend. 

Molly, my Jack Russell passed away, she was nearly 14 years old.

She lived a long life and I had her for 12 of those years. I miss her a lot but I know she is chasing after her beloved tennis or golf ball somewhere up there.

I will be planting some grasses and flowers on her grave so it is pretty all year round.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Sign Samples

Please take out a ruler and note the sign sizes-these 11x3.5x.75 are small signs/plaques, the length of a sheet of paper in the landscape position is 11 inches. You also need take into consideration the more words the smaller the font will have to be, so you may need to increase the size of the sign to accomodate the words.

There are many more font's to choose from and if you'd like to take a peek go to if you see a font there you like just note the name of it and let me know. I will look at it and tell you if I can do it.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pet memorials are here

I know that all of us pet lovers/owners must face that heartbreak of losing a pet; my pet memorials are one way of keeping them with us by having a lovely plaque to display in our living space.

I will be offering different sizes and prices to fit the tightest of budgets.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea or want something specific.

The photo in my display plaque is Maude, a rescue that was given to my daughter by a friend many years ago, for her birthday. One of the best dogs we have ever had and we still miss her.

8.5"x11" portrait style

Sayings can be one of your *own or you can choose from the following:

Rest in peace our beloved (pets name)
Rest in peace my beloved (pets name)
In loving memory of (pets name)
Rest in peace dear friend (pets name)
A beautiful soul, our (pets name)
My best friend (pets name)
I will miss you (pets name)
In loving memory of my precious friend (pets name)

 8.5"x11 landscape

Medium oval

I will also offer a wood burned head image of your pet on the memorial as opposed to the photo-I will need a photo of your pet to work from and the price will be at least $10.00 more and only offered on plaques that are larger than 6"x6"

*When choosing your own saying keep in mind the space that will be needed and which will determine the size plaque you will need to accommodate those words.

Photos are optional and will of course increase the cost of the plaque since I will need to make the wood frame myself.  I will also offer clear photo corners as opposed to a wood frame in which you can insert your pets photo and the cost will be reduced accordingly.

For now please visit my Etsy shop to custom order your pet memorial remembrance plaque.

I will also be offering wooden pet urns so that if you choose to have your pet cremated you can store the remains in a nice wooden container. Again-contact me if you would like to have an urn and we can work out the details.

For crosses and outdoor markers-contact me for more information regarding these items.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My home, my space

Here are some pics of my home, land and critters-I live on 6 acres in a modern log home that we built. Lots of hard blood, sweat and tears....

I love being here, I have stayed home for days without going anywhere and LOVED IT.

I guess that is because of the horrible hours I have to get up and commute to my job every day-over an hour away, towards our nations capital-Washington D.C. traveling to Northern VA I-95 traffic. Up at 0315 and out the door by 0330...arggggg

My gardens have yet to be worked up this year due to all the strange weather we have been having-we did get most of our veggie garden planted but still have more work to do there as well.

I have two more garden spots that I haven't included yet, will get those at a later date.

Front of the house (modern log home)

Rose garden
Nursery garden-this is where I plant when planting needs to be done right away, then when I decide just where I want to have the plant I dig it up an replant it. This is also where I have had more than 75-80 baby blue birds reside in that bird house to the right. It is the most popular bird house on my property and I have several.  I enjoy checking on the babies progress and watch the parents care for them. There are 4 in there when this pic was taken and I hope to see them when they leave the nest.
Patio garden
Patio garden (side view)
Patio garden (rear view)
Veggie garden
Critter sighting
So, there you have it, a peek at my space. I'll show you more later, like the hen house and my other two gardens.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

ACEO Exchange - Time Travelers Team

I received a great package (above) from Black Friday Studio - on Etsy.

Thanks Kat!

Here are two of the ACEO's I have received during our team exchange.  Thanks AgentOfChaos for starting this event it was a lot of fun.

The Dragonfly is from Mad Scientist Design and the Scene is from Decadent Delusions both on Etsy.

Here is the creation that I received from Lilybellesjewels on Etsy

This has been a great team event and I really enjoyed seeing everyone's Art Cards, absolutely fabulous.

The following is what I sent - each being an original especially made for each recipient. I based the theme on thinks that I saw they liked or faved in their Etsy shops.

Gabi seemed to like pink, and faces so she got a pink face.
Amth seemed to like eyes and butterflies

And Khulwhip seemed to like wings and eyes.
So there you have it, my attempt at creating ACEO's.  I hope everyone had a great time doing these.

This next one is a photo ACEO that I am listing in my shop, it was the beginning of the 2010 Total Eclipse of the moon taken through the trees in my yard.  I thought it was an awesome sight, but that's just me...Others my not think so, we'll see.

the next two are a product of catching the ACEO bug, think I have potential???

It's all how you look at it - geometrical illusions above and just a fine feathered friend below.

This is fun...Enjoy! ♥

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special order

Triple cedar tea light candle holder - the first photo is blurry but just showing how it looked when I started.

I have now removed the rough outter layer

After much sanding and shaping
then it gets a bath so I can see how it's going to look when I put the finish on it and I can see where more sanding is needed.

The other side
Now I have a little more sanding and then drill the holes, put the finish on it and it will be ready to shine and look beautiful!

Here it is with the holes - just have the finish that I will apply today then it will be ready for listing just for
Ms. Paula!
Finished product