My dear fellow artisans, my new friends,

I have been working very hard to get these interview articles published for you so the you can have some extra exposure and our ultimate goal being that you get customers who will buy your great hand crafted goods.

I really didn't think that we could go wrong with this venture knowing that you all need as much exposure via marketing and media venues as possible. I figured that you would be eager to get your interview articles published FOR FREE with the only request being that you take 5 minutes to look at and comment on as many of the articles as possible, pass the word and wallah, everyone wins! Super exposure as long as we work together as a team. I guess the meaning of "TEAM" has fallen by the wayside because support is lacking in a major way.

I spend at least two + hours of my own time on each interview (keep in mind that I get up at 0300 I work full time, I commute 100 miles a day, when I get home I have critters to tend to as well as a home to keep tidy and often dinner to prepare, I have three online shops to maintain and make new items to list in those shops and the interviews to compose and get published), and I do this for you for free. My only request has been that you subscribe and visit the other artisan's interviews, pass the word in your available venues and leave comments. I won't bore you with all that again, what I will tell you is that most of you are not honoring my request before or after your interview.

Some of you are taking and not giving in the spirit of "Pay IT Forward" and that really makes me sad.

So what am I to do?

Well, it was suggested to me and I agree; that each of you will be asked to visit, at least 5 article interviews and leave a comment before I will publish your interview article. Leave your name and a link to your shop or website in the comments box so that I can keep track of your visits.
Once this is done I will schedule your interview to be published. I will send you an e-mail advising you to be on the look out (BOL) because your interview will be published soon.

After your interview is published I would ask that you visit, pass the word and leave comments at least 3 times per month to remain on my active list. By remaining on my active list I will reference your interview article in current articles via a link to your interview article so that you will remain in circulation and your shop will continue to get customer visits from this venue.

Sound fair enough?
I'm really just trying to get this to be a success for all of us, I really hate to fail at anything and I hope you do too.

Now let's make this happen!

♥ to all

Special report!!!!

Here's a little information that you should be aware of regarding examiner.com, this is where your interview will be posted. This is your possible exposure level if we can get the support that I ask of everyone. So look at the numbers and if everyone does their part, our interview articles could have great potential, but you and everyone else must support each other, unconditionally.  If you want this to be a success you have to work at it.

Examiner.com is growing at an astounding rate and quickly becoming an industry leader, providing local and hyper local content written by passionate and credible writers focused on providing relevant and targeted information for a variety of audiences. Here is our latest press release:

DENVER, June 14 Examiner.com, the insider source for local, has surpassed 42,000 contributors across its 240 US and Canadian editions. Ranked by comScore as one of the top 10 fastest-growing Websites in the US, the company also reports more than 35% growth in unique visitors so far in 2010. Known as Examiners, contributors to Examiner.com are knowledgeable and passionate influencers who offer authentic insights and guidance on thousands of localized subjects. Examiners contribute over 3,000 fresh and original articles per day, and the Examiner.com library recently surpassed 1.2 million articles. Examiner.com reports 20.8 million unique visitors for May through direct measurement, while comScore ranked Examiner.com as the #70 domain in the US with nearly 14 million unique visitors. The site was also ranked number 9 of all US sites in gaining properties by percentage change for April 2010.

1 comment:

Vickisart said...

Bettie: I received notification that my interview might be shown on the Examiner.com. Anyway, as I was reading through I noticed I forgot to mention a few things. These are VERY important to me and it wouldn't be correct to have my interview shown if these people arent added to it...

My oldest son, 33, Shane, truly gave me the courage to show my art. He has been the wind beneath my wings (or paintbrush) , so to speak, in giving me the courage and telling me that my work is good enough to show. I really doubt I would have ever shown my work if not for the encouragement and love expressed from him. Also, my 21 yr old son, Ben, my critic, who has a good eye for art. When I would get stuck I could call him in and he would be straight up with me (especially with portraits). Then there is my youngest son, 18, Seth, who has been there to help me set up and take down every art show I have had. He has been my strength. My physical strength. I knew that when I was my weakest emotionally, Seth would make up the rest. He was always there to take on the physical task. He decided to take an Art History class in High School and has learned a lot about art, giving us more in common. My husband Paul, and my daughter Morgan for their encouragement.

I hope you can add this….I would really appreciate it . The interview would not be correct without adding these wonderful people as they are what have made it all possible.

I thank you in advance Bettie. I also thank you for your wonderful work!!! Pay It Forward!!!