Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My home, my space

Here are some pics of my home, land and critters-I live on 6 acres in a modern log home that we built. Lots of hard blood, sweat and tears....

I love being here, I have stayed home for days without going anywhere and LOVED IT.

I guess that is because of the horrible hours I have to get up and commute to my job every day-over an hour away, towards our nations capital-Washington D.C. traveling to Northern VA I-95 traffic. Up at 0315 and out the door by 0330...arggggg

My gardens have yet to be worked up this year due to all the strange weather we have been having-we did get most of our veggie garden planted but still have more work to do there as well.

I have two more garden spots that I haven't included yet, will get those at a later date.

Front of the house (modern log home)

Rose garden
Nursery garden-this is where I plant when planting needs to be done right away, then when I decide just where I want to have the plant I dig it up an replant it. This is also where I have had more than 75-80 baby blue birds reside in that bird house to the right. It is the most popular bird house on my property and I have several.  I enjoy checking on the babies progress and watch the parents care for them. There are 4 in there when this pic was taken and I hope to see them when they leave the nest.
Patio garden
Patio garden (side view)
Patio garden (rear view)
Veggie garden
Critter sighting
So, there you have it, a peek at my space. I'll show you more later, like the hen house and my other two gardens.

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