Sunday, August 7, 2011

ACEO Exchange - Time Travelers Team

I received a great package (above) from Black Friday Studio - on Etsy.

Thanks Kat!

Here are two of the ACEO's I have received during our team exchange.  Thanks AgentOfChaos for starting this event it was a lot of fun.

The Dragonfly is from Mad Scientist Design and the Scene is from Decadent Delusions both on Etsy.

Here is the creation that I received from Lilybellesjewels on Etsy

This has been a great team event and I really enjoyed seeing everyone's Art Cards, absolutely fabulous.

The following is what I sent - each being an original especially made for each recipient. I based the theme on thinks that I saw they liked or faved in their Etsy shops.

Gabi seemed to like pink, and faces so she got a pink face.
Amth seemed to like eyes and butterflies

And Khulwhip seemed to like wings and eyes.
So there you have it, my attempt at creating ACEO's.  I hope everyone had a great time doing these.

This next one is a photo ACEO that I am listing in my shop, it was the beginning of the 2010 Total Eclipse of the moon taken through the trees in my yard.  I thought it was an awesome sight, but that's just me...Others my not think so, we'll see.

the next two are a product of catching the ACEO bug, think I have potential???

It's all how you look at it - geometrical illusions above and just a fine feathered friend below.

This is fun...Enjoy! ♥

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