Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Virginia Artisans who have talents that span from A to Z, from simple to complex

There's this amazing group of Virginia Artisans who have talents that span from A to Z, from simple to complex. We’re not talking mass manufactured goods, we’re talking one of a kind creations. These people have a love for creating beautiful hand made, hand crafted specialty items; all unique in their own way. These Artisans give or sell their wares to family and friends; some sell from online shops such as Etsy, Crobbies, Artfire, and other such communities; at craft shows, flea/farmers markets in consignment shops, some work out of their homes or have their own business establishment. Their need to create consumes them; it's a passion that comes from the heart not for the sole purpose of making money but from the joy of making the item and having someone buy it because they love it, need it, want it for themselves or want to give it as gift. Money is secondary and an added reward for their hard work. To meet these Artisans and speak with them you probably couldn’t guess right away just what their amazing talents are but would be surprised to find out and see for yourself just what these folks can do.

These folks are in every state and every country, a world wide community where you can find most anything you can imagine and if someone hasn’t already thought it up or created it, there will be someone out there who can make your idea come to life. So if unique and one of a kind is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the hand made community and you’ll know that it was made by individuals who do it because they love doing it, it’s their passion, because they have a talent that they want to share with the world.

I want to share these amazing Artisans with you so check back often to see what artisan I will be featuring. I will be covering the Artisan's talents, how they got started, what processes they go through or use in their crafting; what their specialty is, what they love most about what they do. If they have a business how they got there, what kind of advise can they offer to others who may want to start a business or career out of their hobby or creative talent. Just a wide range of topics can be explored in the world of artists.

To jump start your experience with the world of talent that I will be bringing to you check out for the Virginia artisans and for a worldwide experience.

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