Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Daddy in heaven

June 19, 7:46 PMArtisans Examiner Bettie St.Ours

Dear daddy in heaven I miss you today more than ever because it's Father's Day.

 day we use to celebrate the fathers of the world, and you my father were my world.

I can remember that warm fuzzy feeling I had when you would cradle me in your arms as a baby and as I grew older I felt it in every hug you gave me every day.

Daddy I miss you so much, I miss seeing the love in your eyes and feeling the love in your touch.

We had such fun together, playing ball, fishing having a cup of tea in my playhouse. Remember when you were acting so silly that one day? You grabbed the dog, put a napkin around his neck and then poured some tea in a saucer along with a cookie and put it on my little table we were sitting at, sat the dog in that spot and the dog actually sat down and began lapping the tea up and gobbling the cookie down. We laughed so hard because the dog actually joined us for tea and cookies.

Remember when you and my little brother and me went to the park and had a great day of fun together, we were so tired by the time we got home that you had to tuck us in before we had our bath.

Daddy, I understand that you gave your life to help preserve our freedom, I understand that if other countries fall into the hands of the bad guys that they will get stronger and their forces will grow larger and eventually they could infiltrate, take over and change our great country; then all of the soldiers past, present and you, who have given their lives to protect our homeland would be in vain. I get all of that and I know how important it is to maintain our freedom.

But daddy, it is so very hard for those who have lost such a huge piece of our lives; it hurts so badly, it's almost unbearable at times. I know that we will move on and the hurt will ease but it will never completely go away and it shouldn't because that's our way of remembering how we felt, that's just how strong and powerful love really is.

Daddy, you're farther away than ever, you're in heaven and I can't board a train or a plane, drive or catch a cab to get there, I can only climb the stairway leading me to you one step at a time as I continue my journey through my life.

You would be proud of me daddy because I make beautiful handmade gifts for others to enjoy. You taught me well.

Today, Father's day, I celebrate you by recalling all of the memories of our togetherness; today I will cry because the hurt in my heart allows me to and because it helps me to heal.

Today I will embrace others who love you and we will support each other and together we will all send you all of the love in our hearts so that you will feel that warm fuzzy feeling that always made me feel so good, loved and cherished.

Daddy, I will always love you, happy father's day in heaven!

Your little girl♥

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