Friday, June 25, 2010

Virginia Etsy Team, Big news!

A note from our Fearless Team Leader Lauren Young!

♥A note from me~ First of all I ask that you please visit the Virginia Etsy Team Blog page, we need team participation to select the "Team Member for the month of June". Please go vote. I would like to add that I am honored to be nominated again, but I have already received the honor (and I thank you) once before and would like to recognize Yvette of Fine Heart.

Many of you may not know how extremely hard she has worked putting our Virginia Team Marketing Blog together. She has worked tirelessly on this project and she put it together from the ground up to what it is today. Which I think is a beautiful blog. She is responsible for the interviews that are there now and the special montage pieces that fill in-between the interviews. She is also seeking new ways of getting our marketing blog out to the on-line viewing audience so that we gain more exposure.

While I have assisted Yvette by putting new team members on the blog and making a few tweaks to some of the pages, I haven't done all that much. Beth of (SweetTeaandPickles) is our newest assistant for adding new team members to the blog as we are now the teams Welcoming Committee and assistant blog admins.

Ms. Yvette deserves all the credit and the votes. So please show your thanks and appreciation for her hard work in getting you and I on the Virginia Team Marketing Blog by voting.

Now from Lauren♥


As you can see our team has grown A LOT in the past couple of months. Now that we are a bigger team and we have the numbers, we owe it to Etsy to take some action in our communities! VirginiaIsForEtsyers will be starting up Street Teams! (loud applause and cheering!)


Street teams are a local and more focused branch of an Etsy.Com team (VirginiaIsForEtsyers). They are used to help connect people who may live closer than someone else from the opposite side of the state. For example if Sue, Molly, and Paul all live in the Norfolk area they may decide to start up a Norfolk Street team. While on the team the group of members living in and around that area can get together and…

-Have a group coffee house meeting to check in and enjoy some together time

-Post flyers up around the community about Etsy, upcoming craft fairs, & info about our team

-Venture out to craft fairs and promote Etsy.Com and supporting other VA artists

-Help promote buying & selling handmade products to businesses and friends

-Host a community craft event in a park or recreational center to promote Etsy and togetherness in the community

...And there is much more information regarding the Street Team qualifications on the blog page please check it out.

The team needs all of us to participate as much as possible for us ALL to be successful so please pitch in and do what you can. Help the team by listing the teams marketing blog and these article links in all of your media venues so that we will get the most exposure possible. I am soon to request that my articles go on the 'National' page as I will be interviewing all crafters world wide. So fingers crossed that it happens and we will have even more exposure.

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If you are an artist and want to be interviewed, subscribe (above) leave a comment (below) include your e-mail address and I will send you the interview questionnaire. Or grab the interview questionnaire from my blog,

Until next time I wish you a good day today and every day!

Remember to always 'Pay IT Forward' because one good deed deserves another.


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