Friday, June 25, 2010

Honk, honk, Beep, beep, how was your commute today?

June 23, 5:57 PM Artisans ExaminerBettie St.Ours

I can't tell you how many people tell me how horrible their commute is here in Northern Virginia! So many of my fellow artisans have encountered the "commute from hell"!

I am guessing that everyone has a story to relate to this topic. I am seriously considering starting an open forum for all of you to get the stress of commuting off your chest. I know that sometimes when I am just able to vent and get some degree of sympathy that it really helps.

My question to you as a reader is...would you be interested in this type of reading? Would you participate and leave comments and or tell us about your commuting woes? I could also collect some of your stories to turn into articles. I think that some stories and concerns should be put out the for others to read, sometime people just don't 'get it' until they hear or read about it.

Like why do people ride the left lane and refuse to got over to let others get by? Or why when other try to get by that slower person in the left lane, do they then speed up so that you can't get past them?

Let me know via comments below what you think of this idea. I appreciate your input.

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