Friday, June 25, 2010

Drain-o bombs have been cropping up all over lately and unfortunately people have been getting hurt.

Drain-o Bombs, AKA Bottle bombs, "Works" bombs have been discovered in several states recently and people are getting hurt and maimed.

An artisan friend of mine told me the following story: "Several of us were out on the roads one day recently as volunteers to "keep America beautiful' by picking up litter that has been thrown out by "uncaring citizens" . I reached down to pick up a soda bottle when I noticed a large spider crawling on it. I called out to another volunteer who had a metal grappler pickup tool and asked if he would mind picking this bottle up with the grappler. He first rolled the bottle which contained a brown liquid in it over in order to get the spider off of it; but the spider managed to stay attached to the bottle. He rolled it again and all of a sudden the bottle exploded spewing out liquid causing 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns on our legs. We were taken to hospital and treated according. Lucky for us that we didn't pick that bottle up with our hands and that we walked away with minor injuries. "I just can't for the life of me imaging why anyone would do something so malicious to someone they don't even know. There were two more of these bottles found and were detonated by law enforcement officers".

I did some research and found out that according to the information on 'Snopes' the report dated April 2010 these bombs have unfortunately become 'a thing' with the youth of today. I cannot imagine why or how these young people, or anyone else can be so cruel to other human beings, but they are.

Please be aware the these bombs are showing up in many U.S. states, they are easy to make as I found out using chemicals that are exceptionally assessable to anyone and you may even have the makings for this bomb in your home. Of course I'm not going to be telling any trade secrets here because this recipe is on the Internet far and wide. Using drain-o, tin foil, water and a plastic bottle with a cap is all that's needed. The bombs have been reported as showing up in mail boxes, residential yards, on the side of the road and on the interstates. They are extremely dangerous causing chemical burns, severing fingers and or hands, and even causing death.

There have been changes to the laws where penalties for this crime range from 15 years for possession of the substance to life without parole if harm or death should occur to an individual.

An urgent safety and health alert was put out by North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) June 15, 2010 stating that a potential serious incident occurred on a NCDOT worksite and it was listed as serious injury. The following was reported: "Two NCDOT employees picking up trash inhaled hazardous fumes when a plastic drink bottle containing hazardous chemicals dissolved. This bottle had a plastic hose coming out of the top. Another type of hazard involving plastic drink bottles involves mixing water and Drain-o. When the bottle is moved a chemical reaction causes the bottle to explode. Besides the danger of fumes there is a hazardous chemical burns."

You are now informed, be alert and stay safe. If you see one of these bottles DO NOT pick it up, call 911 and let the trained professionals do their job by clearing the area of these dangerous explosives.

I am glad my friend didn't pick up that bottle bomb, she could have lost her fingers, her hand or her life. This lady is a talented artisan who creates beauty with her hands and to have that taken away because someone whom she doesn't even know thinks that it is funny to place an explosive device disguised as tossed out trash left for others to pick up is just deplorable.

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Please don't litter!

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